Linda & Joe Maloney

September 1, 2020

Linda and Joe Maloney
Linda & Joe Maloney
Linda and Joe Maloney-- supporting their community with acts of kindness and generosity, large and small
Volunteerism and service to community have been defining values for the Maloney family for decades. Nominators pointed to the Maloneys’ longstanding contributions to local projects, including donating a lot on Johnson Street and helping to build two Habitat for Humanity homes there, sponsoring the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center’s Talent Show, and being instrumental in sports field improvements at Analy High School, ultimately leading to a completely upgraded facility. Over the years, Joe could be found on the  football field, not only as a volunteer coach, but also making repairs to the football field and stands with materials that he had supplied.  Most recently the Maloneys have supported the West County Chapter of the Construction Corps program, which will be training high school seniors in the construction trades at Analy High School.
Joe and Linda Maloney have lived in Sebastopol for over thirty years. They’ve raised four sons: Parker (now married to wife Rachel), Nicholas (now married to wife Ana), Joseph, and Cooper in this small town. For years, Maloney Construction was their livelihood as Joe was a general contractor. In the late ’90s, the family moved onto a Gravenstein apple ranch and have been farming apples and pinot noir grapes ever since. They’ve also had the opportunity to support the local 4H chapters while raising livestock. 
Given their faith in God and the support by local churches, the Maloneys understood the prohibitive cost of housing and worked closely with the City of Sebastopol to build the first two Habitat for Humanity homes in the town. 
Joe’s attention shifted from a family-owned business to involvement with youth and he became a science and woodshop teacher at Brookhaven School and Analy and Laguna High Schools. While teaching, his passion for sports was exhibited as he coached hundreds of athletes in soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and rugby. 
Joe and Linda look for opportunities to hire local youth on the family farm and small construction projects with the hope to build skills for their future employment. Linda was instrumental in the athletic field renovations at Analy High School.  She was a director in an early childcare program and currently is a full-time faculty member at Santa Rosa Junior College while pursuing her passion for graduate work in the field of Infant Mental Health. 
The Maloneys have been grafted into this community, much like an apple tree. In their free time, they deliver fresh-pressed Gravenstein apple juice to friends, love to swim and fish on the coast, and can be found rafting down wild California rivers.